63+ Pounds Down! Delania's Success

My name is Delania, I started my weight loss journey in September 2018.

I started on smoothies only and i was losing the weight but not being healthy. Already down 32lbs  I still felt unhappy , unmotivated and discouraged.

Then in December I came across the 21daymealplan at a starting weight of 220lbs.

After seeing all the progress pictures on Instagram, I felt motivated to start my journey and start my instagram account.

Today I am happy to say I've lost 55lbs on the plan putting me at 88lbs total.

The mealplanbabe community has helped me so much on my journey I'm just truly grateful to be where i am today!!!!! This meal plan has changed my life forever. My family and i eat on the plan and its now our new way of living and we love it.


To get started on your 21daymealplan journey, click here: https://sh2948.ositracker.com/144978/11002


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