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Julie is down over 100 POUNDS!

The thing about the 21 Day Meal Plan is—it’s not just about losing weight. It’s about getting healthier and changing your lifestyle for the better! After losing weight, I have enough energy to actually play with my kids, instead of just sitting and watching them.

Julie decided to make a change after getting back some alarming test results. She’s now down over 100 pounds and was able to go snowboarding with her husband! Read on for her full story in her own words:

January of 2018, I came across Tiffany and the 21 Day Meal Plan. At 293 lbs, I finally decided I was ready to make a change after abnormal liver enzymes came back on my bloodwork and it scared the hell out of me! I bought the meal plan and started to follow other girls on the plan for inspiration.

My first goal was to be down 90 lbs by the time my husband wanted to take me snowboarding in December. December came and I was down 93 lbs!! Currently, my weight is 176 lbs and I am working on my final goal to be 170 and then to maintain. I am so grateful for all the ladies brave enough to share their story and for Tiffany’s support and realness. Also, I had a huge support system between family and my friends and coworkers. 

I love this plan and it is so easy to follow and see results! The most exciting thing for me was getting a new driver’s license, so that is the picture I have chosen to include! Got my pre-workout unicorn juice this week and I’m loving it!!


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