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Meet Katrina She has PCOS and Diabetes and lost 121 Pounds!

What led you to the 21 Day Meal Plan? 

I was at my breaking point of health and also at my heaviest weight and had decided to make a lifelong change. I lost around 10 lbs myself in 6 months and was desperately searching for meal plans to fit my life and I found this from my family friend. She had success with it, so I watched it for a while and then decided to purchase and go for it myself.

How has your experience on the 21DMP been? 

My experience has been very positive with it! I will be completely honest—I wasn’t 100% compliant. I used stevia and coffee creamer the entire time. But other than that, I was basically compliant.

What’s been the hardest part of your weight loss journey? 

The hardest part has been since I am older (40) and have PCOS, rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, diabetes, and POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome), I knew the cards were already stacked against me and that I couldn’t follow others’ suggestions as much. I knew I would have to follow my body and its daily needs. I consumed less calories as I continued to lose weight to adjust to my body’s needs. I slowly incorporated exercises… I took senior fitness classes and swam. I was on swim team my entire life, so swimming made sense to me, and there was no added joint stress. I hit many very hard stalls… One lasted 40 days without moving even once until it finally broke. I changed foods and workouts to break the stall each time.

How do you stay motivated? 

I am extremely motivated. My personality is naturally very driven. Whenever I decide something in life, I just do it! I am single, divorced after a long-term marriage, with no children, and fighting chronic illness—so my sole focus is my health. I want more for me. And the idea of looking better, feeling better, and dating are huge motivations for me.

Any tips for someone looking to get started on the 21DMP?

Just start—don’t overthink this! I see people daily ask questions about foods and amounts, etc. Just start eating things from the list, and if you really don’t like something, find a way to make something else work for you that is healthy and will get you to your goal. Also, don’t compare yourself to others. At my current weight, I can’t eat near the number of calories that I see most other people eating. And, with PCOS, I don’t eat the pasta or rice, since it kept me stalled unless I ate very small amounts. 

What is your favorite 21DMP-compliant meal? 

The longer I did it, the more I started making new foods and turning this into a complete lifestyle. I don’t even view food the same. I haven’t eaten from a drive-thru in a year and a half, and I never will again. I had horrible rashes that all cleared up when I completely stopped eating gluten and dairy. I am totally normal with my blood sugar now, too. I don’t crave foods like I used to. I still like ice cream, but I find it too sweet now, so I make a protein version of it, or I eat frozen grapes or my own Greek yogurt frozen with berries and whip cream.

Anything else you’d like to add?

I am 5’9½” and I started at 272 lbs. My current weight is 151 lbs—I lost 121 lbs and am at my goal weight! I’m now working on muscle toning, and I am also going to have tummy tuck and breast lift consultations soon to complete this journey. While I still have my arthritis conditions and PCOS, etc., I am wayyyy happier like this! I still have pain, but it’s physically easier to move at my new current weight, and I know that I am personally not contributing to my health issues anymore. I have been heavy since I was a child…I started gaining weight at 9, after I had a surgery that took one of my ovaries and threw off my hormones. This plan is an actual miracle for me. My family and friends are still in shock that I have accomplished this. My doctors are overjoyed and have asked me to share my success with other patients. I tell them about Tiffany and that it could change their life, too. Never say never! And honestly, when you really want something bad enough, you will do it. I made a choice to choose me…and it is the best thing I have ever done for myself. And I will forever love Tiffany for creating this plan to help me find my light!

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