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Morgan from KY down 80 POUNDS!


Reading about your experiences on the 21 Day Meal Plan literally makes my day. I’m so proud of you ladies—so many of you are absolutely crushing your goals! And that I can help you do that in any capacity makes me so happy.

Morgan was kind enough to share her story with us and gave us permission to share it with you all:

Oh man, I don’t even know where to start. 
I can remember as a little girl my mom calling herself fat, grabbing her belly or arms or tugging at her pants, and it has always stuck with me. 
I know that she had no idea it affected me the way it has, but I have never been happy with my own body or comfortable in my skin for as long as I can remember. 
I have tried everything to lose weight, calorie counting, HCG, Weight Watchers, etc. Nothing ever stuck—I always reverted back, and I broke a little more each time I gained my weight back. 
Then, babies. 
I hated my body in a whole new way after babies. I now had stretch marks and weird loose lower belly fat. I gave up after my 2nd was born and told my husband to “Get used to it, you married a big girl and I’ll always be a big girl.” 
I was completely defeated. 
Then, I found Tiffany. 
I followed her for 6 months before deciding I wanted to try her plan; she posted about wanting Influencers and I was all in. 
I was sad, so sad and tired of hating what I saw in the mirror. And the weight just FELL OFF—and the food was so good. Once I got into a groove and started seeing the other Meal Plan Babes™ killing it, I was so hooked. This community is everything, these girls have become my friends, and some days their successes are the only thing that keep me going. 
Tiffany has changed my entire life, she has made me want to change it all. My life no longer happens to me, I happen to my life. I live with purpose now, and I could never have done that without Tiffany, the 21 Day Meal Plan, and the amazing community she has created. 
My heaviest weight was 230 lbs, my meal plan starting weight was 205.4 lbs, and my current weight is 144 lbs.

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