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*NEW* Recipe Book

This recipe book is for the original 2019 version of the 21 Day Meal Plan. There is no added salt, sugar or gluten.
This is going to be a HUGE game changer for me personally because I made the recipes based upon what I want to eat.
I did my very best to make each and every recipe as minimal as possible.
This is not a cookbook for kitchen pro’s. This is a cookbook for extremely busy mommas, beginners, people working outside the home and people who frankly don’t like to cook. I made it super easy and simple.
The hardest recipe is lasagna because it requires making the sauce and the dish separately. Other than that, easy peasy!

If you have purchased the book and have questions about the recipe, comment below and we will answer as soon as possible!


Link is here:

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  • Would love the new meal plan. Thank you

    Eileen Swanner

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